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US-2149214-A: Hair clip patent, US-2149588-A: Vacuum cleaner patent, US-2150020-A: Collar holder patent, US-2150304-A: Bindweed cutter patent, US-2150951-A: Apparatus for the production of artificial thread patent, US-2151349-A: Kite patent, US-2152271-A: Dispensing container patent, US-2152450-A: Switch patent, US-2153046-A: Apparatus for treating yarn patent, US-2153268-A: Well tool patent, US-2154239-A: Voltage regulating circuit patent, US-2154661-A: Dust collector patent, US-2154820-A: Process for refining hydrocarbon oils and derivatives patent, US-2156702-A: Receiving apparatus for communication systems patent, US-2157256-A: Inking mechanism for printing presses and the like patent, US-2157882-A: Process for purifying vegetable and animal oils patent, US-2159607-A: Internal combustion engine valve patent, US-2159694-A: Driving gear patent, US-2159893-A: Golf tee patent, US-2160859-A: Brake slack take-up mechanism patent, US-2160890-A: Ventilating device for projection apparatus patent, US-2162564-A: Convertible meat grinder and juice extractor patent, US-2163426-A: Locomotive tender patent, US-2164403-A: Method of and means for reforming gases patent, US-2165400-A: Vehicle supporting deck patent, US-2165543-A: Roll forging machine patent, US-2165575-A: High-frequency coupling device patent, US-2165584-A: Roller bit patent, US-2166013-A: Shovel patent, US-2166115-A: Gaming device patent, US-2167730-A: Solvent extraction and recovery patent, US-2168099-A: Plant and insect eradicator patent, US-2169049-A: Drum controller patent, US-2169195-A: Production of vitamin a esters patent, US-2170314-A: Pipe-coating machine patent, US-2170357-A: Store-goods lifter patent, US-2170783-A: Brick cleaning machine patent, US-2171525-A: Attrition mill patent, US-2171568-A: Control mechanism for pressing machines patent, US-2172853-A: Drawing press patent, US-2172873-A: Hectograph roll or blanket patent, US-2173003-A: Method of inhibiting thread surface seizure patent, US-2173236-A: Herbicide patent, US-2173684-A: Door construction patent, US-2174915-A: Automobile frame patent, US-2175006-A: Musical closure and holder patent, US-2175286-A: Car stop patent, US-2175356-A: Planter patent, US-2175399-A: Friction facing and method of making same patent, US-2175685-A: Resilient ball patent, US-2175976-A: Fire alarm box retention device patent, US-2176098-A: Steam drier and separator patent, US-2176172-A: Vehicle bogie patent, US-2176241-A: Lehr feeder patent, US-2177338-A: Car door patent, US-2178548-A: Resistor patent, US-2178738-A: Carrying iron patent, US-2178807-A: Refrigeration patent, US-2178866-A: Liquid level control system patent, US-2179685-A: Wrapping machine patent, US-2180134-A: Track roller seal construction patent, US-2180191-A: Industrial insurance record bag patent, US-2180476-A: Race track patent, US-2180986-A: Grandstand construction patent, US-2181290-A: Cage nut welder patent, US-2181412-A: Venetian blind patent, US-2183698-A: Stone crusher patent, US-2184678-A: Gas cock patent, US-2184765-A: Electrode control for searchlights patent, US-2185902-A: Articulating rod bearing for radial motors patent, US-2186850-A: Color photography patent, US-2188058-A: Vehicle signaling system patent, US-2188194-A: Elastic fluid turbine plant patent, US-2188540-A: Refrigerating apparatus patent, US-2188771-A: Electrode patent, US-2189413-A: Garment belt patent, US-2189751-A: Method for obtaining in projection images in color patent, US-2191155-A: Pulley supporting device patent, US-2191844-A: Typographical composing machine patent, US-2193234-A: Process in recovering micronic particles of gold and the like from rock and ore patent, US-2193777-A: Gas mixing device patent, US-2194584-A: Slack adjuster for brakes patent, US-2194745-A: Drum brake patent, US-2195002-A: Sadiron patent, US-2198039-A: Rectilinear motion bearing patent, US-2199023-A: Heavy duty scraper patent, US-2199689-A: Chair end standard patent, US-2200500-A: Pipe joint patent, US-2200984-A: Sheet edging apparatus patent, US-2201660-A: Implement hitch patent, US-2205320-A: Measuring device for lubricating systems patent, US-2205576-A: Baker's and like oven patent, US-2205660-A: Process for the production of magnesium patent, US-2207591-A: Doughnut machine patent, US-2208136-A: Piston ring compressor patent, US-2208299-A: Emergency throttle-control means for aircraft engines patent, US-2211637-A: Furnace patent, US-2212095-A: Frost and ice remover for windshields patent, US-2214409-A: Fish lure or bait patent, US-2214552-A: Controller for hydrodynamic machines patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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