Protection structure for coal mine gob floor monitoring lines and buried method thereof



The invention discloses a protection structure for coal mine gob floor monitoring lines and a buried method of coal mine gob floor monitoring lines. The protection structure comprises groove rocks (7) excavated in the surfaces of floor rocks (8), pvc pipe rocks (2) are laid inside the groove rocks (7), monitoring line rocks (1) are arranged inside the pvc pipe rocks (2), the pvc pipe rocks (2) are covered with sponge layer rocks (5), the exteriors of the sponge layer rocks (5) are filled with coal slag layer rocks (6), and the upper top faces of the coal slag layer rocks (6) are flush with upper openings of the groove rocks (7). The protection structure is ideal in protection effect; due to the fact that the lateral entrance mode is adopted on the whole monitoring lines, the monitoring lines are not likely to be scratched, overhauling needs to be opened step by step only during overhauling, and the installation and overhauling costs are greatly reduced.




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