Device for generating air current through spiral disturbance


  • Inventors: WANG ZHENKE
  • Assignees: 王振科
  • Publication Date: April 29, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104564800-A


The invention discloses a device for generating air current through spiral disturbance. The device comprises a rotating shaft and a connecting rod, wherein the driving end of the rotating shaft is connected with a motor through a driving mechanism, and the output end of the rotating shaft is connected with one end side of the connecting rod through a flexible mechanism. The device is characterized by further comprising spiral blade components, wherein the spiral blade components comprise sleeves and spiral support rods, wherein another end side of the connecting rod is fixedly connected with the sleeve, a spiral support rod is fixedly connected outside the sleeve, and the spiral support rod is provided with a plurality of mutually space wings; the wings are driven to rotate through the spiral support rod to accelerate the flowing of surrounding air and fluctuate the movement of surrounding air, so as to generate uniform air; furthermore, the device is good in safety and softer in outlet air, and the problems that a traditional normal fan is bad in outlet air and somatic sense; in addition, the production cost is low, and the device is applicable to modular production.




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