Dysopia correction system based on enhanced light field display



The invention provides a correction scheme based on enhanced light field display to patients with visual defects such as shortsightedness, farsightedness and early-stage glaucoma; and the correction scheme comprises a visual and depth information acquisition module, a dysopia modeling module and an enhanced light field display module. The visual and depth information acquisition module comprises two manners: with respect to the situation of a two-dimensional display, digital images are used as the input and the depth information is acquired; with respect to the real scenes, a binocular three-dimensional visual manner is adopted. The dysopia modeling module comprises a dysopia parameter setting module, an image degradation model and a light field calculating and processing module. The enhanced light field display module comprises two manners: with respect to the situation of the two-dimensional display, an internally integrated LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) visual display of the system is adopted; and with respect to the real scenes, the near-vision light field display module is adopted.




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