Large and bulky paper pulp die-pressing process and device


  • Inventors: GU ZHAOLIN
  • Assignees: 谷照林
  • Publication Date: May 27, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104652178-A


The invention relates to a large and bulky paper pulp die-pressing process, which includes the following steps: a pulp box loaded with paper pulp is arranged under a forming unit, a paper pulp agitation mechanism is arranged at the bottom in the pulp box, the recess of a forming female die is upward, and moreover, the forming female die can be driven by a driving mechanism to move down into the pulp box, and thereby is immerged into paper pulp; a vacuumizer is utilized to vacuumize the forming female die, so that a wet green is formed; the forming female die upwardly gets close to a male die, the wet green is transferred, the male die brings the wet green to move onto a shaping unit, and the wet green is heated and shaped. The process disclosed by the invention can prepare bulky and large-sized vegetable fiber die-pressed products, the cost is low, and the rate of finished products is high.




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