Depth ranging-based moving target detection method and system



The invention relates to a depth ranging-based moving target detection method and a system. The method comprises a step of video acquisition in which a photographing device located above a photographing area is used for acquiring video information with a color image and a depth image included, a step of moving target determination in which foreground extraction is respectively carried out on the color image and the depth image in the video information to obtain a binary image of moving blocks corresponding to the moving target, fusion processing is carried out on the binary image, and a binary image after fusion is obtained, a step of moving target number and position determination in which gradient descent clustering processing is carried out on pixel information in a moving block area judged by the binary image after fusion in the depth image, and the number and positions of the moving targets are obtained, wherein the pixel information comprises pixel values and pixel positions. The moving target can be detected and determined in real time, the trajectory of the moving target is analyzed on the basis, and more accurate moving target detection and statistics can be realized.




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