Corn directional seed bullet making device



The invention relates to the agricultural machinery field, in particular to a corn directional seed bullet making device, which is characterized by comprising a vibration conveying part, an image detection part, a removal part, a pose torsion part, a seed bullet arrangement part and a seed bullet shell part. The vibration conveying part enables single grain discharge of corn seeds according to certain order; the image detection part detects the seed germs; the removal part includes a gas claw fixation frame, a rotary motor and gas claws, and the gas claws can draw unsatisfactory seeds away; the pose torsion part transfers the seeds from broadside flat lying to narrow side flat lying; the seed bullet arrangement part consists of a fixation shell, a counter, a gluing part and a back baffle plate; and the seed bullet shell part includes a seed bullet shell, a stepped push plate and a guide plate, and can make the seed bullets of two columns fall into the outlet at the lower end one by one staggeredly. The seed fixation shell and the seed bullet shell can be changed according to different seeds so as to improve the universality and utilization of machines and tools.




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