Damper bearing table for vibration reduction by using mass of furniture and household electric appliances



The invention provides a damper bearing table for vibration reduction by using the mass of furniture and household electric appliances, and belongs to the field of civil engineering structure vibration reduction. A mechanism consisting of bearing tables, a ball bearing slideway, springs and viscous dampers is designed by using the mass of the furniture and the household electric appliances as the mass of a damper on the basis of a TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) vibration reduction control theory. The tuned mass is changed into the tuned rigidity through the dismountable springs, so that the natural vibration period of the whole system is regulated by combining the mass of the furniture and the household electric appliances. The furniture and household electric appliance damper bearing table has the advantages that the TMD theory is used, but the unnecessary additional mass of a building structure is not increased; and the damper bearing table can be used for a washing machine base, a refrigerator base, a bed base and the like, so that the necessary furniture and the necessary household electric appliances in a building are used for vibration reduction on the structure.




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