Surface treatment process for reducing electrolytic copper foil lateral erosion phenomenon



A surface treatment process for reducing the electrolytic copper foil lateral erosion phenomenon includes the following steps that firstly, an electrolyte is prepared, wherein complex agents of potassium pyrophosphate, cobaltous sulfate and nickel sulfate and an additive B are mixed and then dissolved in water to acquire a settled solution, the concentration of K4P2O7 in the solution ranges from 30 g/L to 55 g/L, the concentration of Co2+ ranges from 0.7 g/L to 2.5 g/L, the concentration of Ni2+ ranges from 0.3 g/L to 1.0 g/L, the concentration of the additive B ranges from 0.5 g/L to 1.5 g/L, anodes in the additive B are at least one type of Na+, Zn2+ and Fe2+, and cathodes are at least one type of chloride ions and citric acid ions; and secondly, copper foil is electroplated, wherein the pretreated copper foil is placed in a plating bath containing the electrolyte so as to be electroplated. By the adoption of the surface treatment process, nickel sulfate is added to a cobalt plating solution, a Co-Ni binary alloy plating layer is formed, and the electrolytic copper foil lateral erosion phenomenon is reduced.




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