Error separation method of lens based on centering machining



The invention relates to an error separation method of lens based on centering machining. The method comprises establishing an optical system; finding auto-collimation images of centers of two spheres of a lens using the optical system, rotating a lathe rotator and coarsely adjusting an attitude control tool, to make the two images of centers of spheres low in shaking value; acquiring shaking values of the two images of centers of spheres through cooperation of a CCD camera and a PC; calculating an offset and an inclined value of the lens through bringing the shaking values of the two images of centers of spheres in a formula; finely adjusting the attitude control tool, until the offset and an inclined value of the lens are within a range of designed indexes. Aiming to solve the technical issue that a thin lens cannot accurately machined through a present centering machining method, the offset and the inclined value of an optical component are respectively calculated by using the error separation method, whether deigned indexes of the optical component meet requirements or not during centering machining can be examined on line, the precision of the lens can be raised.




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