Preparation method of (3R,4R)-(1-benzyl-4-methylpiperidine-3-yl)methylamine-L-di-p-toluoyltartaric acid salt


  • Inventors: LIU WEIGUO
  • Assignees: 刘卫国
  • Publication Date: January 13, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105237463-A


The invention discloses a preparation method of (3R,4R)-(1-benzyl-4-methylpiperidine-3-yl)methylamine-L-di-p-toluoyltartaric acid salt prepared from the following reaction steps shown in the description. The preparation method of (3R,4R)-(1-benzyl-4-methylpiperidine-3-yl)methylamine-L-di-p-toluoyltartaric acid salt has the following advantages that the process is novel in design, extremely dangerous chemicals (such as lithium aluminum hydride) are not required to be used, a folding condensation process is adopted, and the total yield is high; more importantly, the starting materials are cheap and easy to obtain, and the cost is low; and the maneuverability is high, and industrialization is easy.




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