Hydrophobic inorganic particles, resin composition for heat dissipation member, and electronic component device



The present invention pertains to hydrophobic inorganic particles obtained by modifying the surfaces of inorganic particles with an organic compound. After adding 200 parts by mass of ethanol to one part by mass of said hydrophobic inorganic particles, performing ultrasonic cleaning for 10 minutes, and performing solid-liquid separation, when 0.1 g of dried hydrophobic inorganic particles are dispersed in 40 g of a mixed liquid obtained by mixing hexane and water at a 1:1 volume ratio, at least 50 mass% of the hydrophobic inorganic particles transition to a hexane-containing phase. Hydrophobic inorganic particles capable of balancing excellent fluidity and excellent thermal conductivity in a resin composition, and a resin composition containing said inorganic particles, are provided by the present invention.




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