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July 18, 1939. T, R N 1 2,166,115 GAMING DEVICE Filed vJuly 19, 1938 [12 van for: 0Z0?) Z'Bezyenn ZZ fi/Qa Patented July 18, 1939 2,166,115 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GAMING DEVICE Olav T. Bcrgenn, Brooklyn, N. Y. Application July 19, 1938, Serial No. 219,952 3 Claims. (01. 273-97) This invention relates to gaming devices and of an inch thick with its free end having an outer the like. diameter before fiexure of about fifteen-six- Among the objects of the present invention, teenths of an inch as shown in Fig. 4 and with it is aimed to provide an improved cup and ball its free end having an outer diameter after flexgaming device consisting essentially of a handle ure as shown in Fig. 1 of close to one and two- 5 having a suction cup attached thereto and a ball sixteenths of an inch; the rubber band 8 about connected to the handle by a string such as an eighteen inches in length, one eighth inch in elastic string, the game having for an object width and about one thirty-second of an inch in the capture of the ball by the suction cup. thickness; and the ball H1 composed of sponge I These and other features, capabilities and adrubber of about two inches in diameter, weighing vantages of the invention will appear from the about two ounces and having a smooth glossy sursubjoined detail description of one specific emface finish formed by a coating of Nu-Enamel bodiment thereof illustrated in the accompanyas an instance. ing drawing in which Obviously the proportions illustrated and com- I Figure 1 is a side elevation partly in section positions specified may be varied without departof the gaming device with the ball gripped by ing from the spirit of the invention. As an inthe suction cup; stance, with a smaller ball either a smaller suc- Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the device with tion cup may be used or a suction cup having a the suction cup removed; concavity of greater depth. Fig. 3 is a plan View of the handle shown in In the use of this gaming device as is well Fig. 2 with the suction cup removed; known with this type of ball and cup toy, it is of Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the suction cup course obvious that the user will grip the handle removed from the handle; and I and throw the ball l0 into the air against the Fig. 5 is a plan view of the suction cup looking tension of the rubber band 8 and try to retrieve 15 at the lower end thereof. the ball IE into the position shown in Fig. 1 by In the embodiment shown, there is provided the suction cup 4. a handle I composed of wood or the like with It is obvious that various changes and modia projection 2 at one end thereof having a diminfications may be made to the details of construcished neck 3. The projection 2 is provided to tion without departing from the general spirit anchor the suction cupin place as illustrated of the invention as set forth in the appended 30 in Fig. 1, which suction cup 4 has a cylindrical claims. recess 5 normally of less diameter than the diam- I claim: eter of the outer portion of the projection 2 so 1. The combination of a handle, a suction cup that the neck portion 6 of the cup 4 may firmly secured to said handle, a smooth surfaced ball, 55 grip the projection 2 and anchor the same in and a string connecting said ball to said handle. place as indicated in Fig. 1. Beyond the neck 2. The combination of a handle, a gum rubber portion 6, the suction cup 4 has a dished suction suction cup secured to one end of said handle shell portion 1. with its suction cup portion facing outwardly To the side of the handle I, there is connected therefrom, a sponge rubber ball having a glossy 10 a string such as the rubber band 8 by means surface finish, and a rubber band connecting said of a tack 9 or the like, which rubber band 8 is ball to said handle. connected at its end to a ball It) preferably by 3. The combination of a wooden handle havextending an end of the band 8 doubled upon ing a projection at one end thereof, a gum rubitself into a slit cut into the ball 10. ber suction cup secured to said projection with With the proportions illustrated in the drawits suction cup facing outwardly, a sponge rubings and the composition specified, it has been ber ball about two inches in diameter, weighing found that excellent results are achieved with about two ounces and having a smooth glossy this gaming device when the handle I is 001m finish, and a rubber band about eighteen inches posed of wood or the like of about eight inches in length, one-eighth of an inch in width and one 5 in length by about one inch in diameter; the shell thirty-second of an inch in thickness connecting 5 portion 1 of the suction cup composed of gum said ball to said handle. rubber has a wall of about three thirty-seconds OLAV T. BERGENN.



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